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The Trustee Development Program Certificate

Fiduciary Responsibilities come with a Pension Plan! Get the knowledge you need to fulfill your accountability!

Fiduciary responsibilities are hot items of conversation everywhere in the business world these days. The pension industry has been very aware of governance since the "Kirby Report" was published in 1998. The regulators and concerned associations, OSFI/PIAC/ACPM and, most recently, CAPSA, have published models and guidelines for pension governance. There are conferences galore discussing the topic. However, the most important question for you to ask yourself is "How well do I really understand how this all relates to me in my role as a Trustee or Pension Committee member?"

Developed along the same lines as the successful PPAC program, the TDP is offered in a series of one-day seminars. It is targeted at pension plan Trustees, Administrators, Managers, or Members of pension committees whose current, or future, responsibilities require an understanding of fiduciary responsibilities and the governance function. Flexibility is the key — you can take all of the modules or mix & match for general interest. You can even elect to write two tests and receive your certification.

Become a more effective Pension Trustee or member of a Pension Committee! Understand the true significance of your responsibility.

The Trustee Development Program - Basic

The Trustee Development Program - Advanced Basic

Basic - Seminar Content

Basic Module 1

Pension Basics

This unit concentrates on understanding Registered Pension Plans; Funding Basics and the Professionals involved by looking at:

  • The Role of the Trustee
  • The Concept of RPPs
  • The Language of the Pension Business
  • The Participants and the Professionals Involved
  • The Process of Funding a Pension Plan

Basic Module 2


The two critical "Governance" modules focus on the interrelated concepts of Organizational Governance and Pension Governance. The first module of this set examines basic governance matters and illustrates the key linkages between organizational and pension governance. It addresses issues such as:

  • The essence and importance of Governance
  • The Governance Model
  • The Fiduciary Concept
  • The Reasons Why Boards Fail
  • Why Boards are Successful
    • Represent the Legal Owners
    • Set Policy

Basic Module 3

Governance (cont'd)

The second module continues the examination of factors that distinguish successful Boards before moving into the supporting governance documentation and pension industry governance principles.

  • Why Boards are Successful (cont'd)
  • Evaluate Board Performance
  • Approve Strategy
  • Assure CEO Performance
  • Identifying and Managing Risk
  • Governance Documentation
  • Pension Industry Governance Guidelines

Advanced Basic - Seminar Content

Advanced Basic Module 4

Legislation and Pension Plans

This module has its focus on the Regulators and the Legislation and examines:

  • Legal Basics
  • The History and Roles of the Regulators and Legislation
  • The Regulators and the Laws
  • The Law and the Pension Plan Trustee
  • Future Trends and Concerns for Trustees
  • Select Service Providers

Advanced Basic Module 5

Pension Funding and Investing

Building on the funding elements, this module examines the need for the Pension Fund to meet the "Pension Promise" through:

  • Pension plan Funding
  • The Valuation Process
  • Advanced Funding Elements
  • Advanced Funding Elements
  • Investment Management
  • Pension Fund Reporting

Advanced Basic Module 6

Contracts & Sourcing

To provide a framework for the Trustee who is responsible for contracting service providers through:

  • Finding a Reliable and Capable Service Provider
  • The Contract
  • Monitoring Services
  • Dealing with Unethical Behaviour
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures ("SOP")
  • Administration & Oversight

A grasp of Pension Plan administration for monitoring and measuring purposes:

  • The Administrator
  • What is Pension Plan Administration?
  • Overview of Daily Plan Administration
  • Types of Administrative Services
  • Administration -- four categories
  • The Administration/Service Agreement
  • Other Monitoring Elements