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First Nations Pension Plan Governance Program

This is a unique educational program designed for First Nation pension plan administrators and Band Council members. It will enhance their knowledge of the defined contribution pension product, governance duties and fiduciary responsibilities.

Through the use of case studies, hands-on exercises, workshops and in-session development of administration manuals where required, the participants will be able to perform tasks resulting in pension plans that are effectively run and comply with legislation.

The First Nations PPGP is delivered over a week in five, one-day seminars that progressively build the pension administrative and governance expertise of participants.

Become a more effective pension plan administrator. Acquire the knowledge and skills to fulfill your pension plan responsibilities and confidently guide your band members.

The First Nations Pension Plan Governance Program

Module 1

Pension Basics

This session provides attendees with an understanding of:

  • registered pension plan basics (primarily DC plans)
  • pension language
  • the roles of the various players involved in pensions
  • how the pension business works

This module is a real eye opener and sets the stage for the rest of the week.

Module 2

Pension Legislation and Governance

With respect to pension plans, in this module participants will examine:

  • legal basics in pension legislation & common law
  • PBSA rules
  • fiduciary responsibilities
  • a basic model for Pension Governance
  • a methodology to perform a governance audit on a pension plan

Participants will gain a new appreciation of the extent and importance of their pension administrator responsibilities.

Module 3

Forms Workshop

The focus of this "hands-on" session, led by representatives from OSFI and INAC, is on understanding, and using, the forms needed to keep a First Nation pension plan in compliance with applicable legislation and government requirements.

Participants will also develop practical Reference and Administration Manuals for use back at their Band office.

Modules 4 & 5

Pension Plan Investing & Review

The core content of the session clarifies what’s involved in investing DC pension plan monies and what makes the process of pension fund investing different from regular investing? The learning process involves basic, hands-on exercises and examples, to examine:

  • pooled funds and investment returns
  • asset mix and diversification
  • controlling risk
  • where the costs come from
  • CAP guidelines
  • Statement of Investment Policy & Procedures and much, much more
  • practical ways to handle questions from members without giving "advice".
  • where your retirement income will come from,
  • how to estimate the earnings from your investments, and
  • the options you have for your DC monies when you retire

The course ends with a sharing circle and feedback session.