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No course sessions currently scheduled for 2018.

Certificate in Employee Benefits

This certificate provides a comprehensive training program which equips the working professional with the background to understand and perform daily pension and benefits-related tasks more thoroughly.

The CEB seminars provide a highly intensive learning environment. The program is comprised of two seminars each of which includes four days of lectures and workshops followed by a written examination on the fifth day. Topics are presented by recognized and experienced compensation and benefits professionals and consultants. Case studies and tutorials are used throughout and notes are provided as background to the course leader's presentation.

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Entry Requirements:

While there are no formal academic or professional prerequisites to enter the program, we strongly recommend that candidates have

  • minimum of two year's direct experience in compensation or benefits: and,
  • post-secondary level reading comprehension.

Completion Requirements:

To qualify for the CEB designation, a minimum grade of 70% must be achieved on each seminar examination. Programs are offered twice each year and participants must complete their studies within three years.

Seminar content continually reflects industry changes and trends. The following describes subjects that may be addressed in each level.

CEB Advanced - Seminar Content

Advanced Module 1

Understanding your Organization

  • Examining corporate benefits, compensation and business objectives
  • Corporate objectives and group benefit plans connection
  • Assessing the deliverables and the communication philosophy
  • Developing a Statement of Guiding Principles & Objectives
  • Preparing an Action Plan

Advanced Module 2

Inventory and Audit Process

  • The 360-degree review
  • GAP analysis
  • Evaluating the current plan designs/arrangements
  • The audit report

Advanced Module 3

Assessing Plan Architecture

  • Basic design concepts pros and cons
  • Choosing the “right” design
  • Identifying and managing design barriers

Advanced Module 4

Traditional and Choice Based (Flex) Plan Designs

  • Common designs, applicability and behavioural influences
  • Annual enrollments, funding, pricing and administration
  • Total rewards connections
  • Unions
  • Potential suppliers

Advanced Module 5

Supplier Sourcing

  • When to market your plan and the steps in the process
  • Importance of the marketing specifications
  • Interpreting the results & change management
  • Contract management and supplier options
  • Supplier and consultant relationships

Advanced Module 6

Ongoing Plan Management

  • The importance of plan set up
  • Meeting due diligence for your plan, including contracts, agreements + legal issues
  • Provider audits and performance standards agreements
  • Administrative processes, claims management & adjudication
  • Reporting + analysis requirements
  • Cost management strategies – current and future

Advanced Module 7

The Approach to Benefits Communication

  • Developing a communication strategy and running an effective communications program
  • When to use professional help
  • Periodic campaigns and employee education
  • Managing the communication budget
  • Understanding the legal issues

CEB Basic - Seminar Content

Basic Module 1

Employee Benefits in a Total Compensation Context

  • The Path to a Successful Reward System
  • Developing a Compensation Strategy
  • Direct and Indirect Compensation
  • The Total Approach to Compensation
  • Integrating Benefits into Total Compensation
  • Approaching Benefits Strategically

Basic Module 2

Group Benefit Plans – Setting the Stage

  • Evolution of Group Benefits
  • Contingencies Met by Group Benefits
  • The Benefit Industry Players
  • Legislative Framework Related to Benefits
  • The Master Contract

Basic Module 3

Group Benefit Fundamentals

  • Basic Principles of Insurance
  • Group Insurance Basics
  • 4 Main Type of Groups
  • Group Benefits – what’s included?

Basic Module 4

Income Security Programs

  • The Canada Pension Plan
  • Canada Pension Plan Survivor Benefits
  • Old Age Security
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Survivor Benefits

Basic Module 5

Traditional Group Benefits

  • The Role of Employee Benefits?
  • The Impact of the Changing Environment
  • What's considered a "Traditional" Plan
  • Key Provisions of Traditional Plans
  • Cost Issues and Opportunities

Basic Module 6

Non Traditional Benefits, Resources and Trends

  • The Non Traditional Benefits
  • Work-Life Benefits
    • Employee & Family Assistance
    • Wellness
    • Child and Elder Care
    • Work Environment Arrangements
  • Benefits for Other Group Classifications
  • Benefit Trends and Information Sources

Basic Module 7

Group Benefit Plan Financing

  • Risk and Risk Sharing
  • Funding Methods
  • Risk Reduction Methods
  • Matching Funding Methods with Pooling Techniques
  • Understanding the Premium Components
  • Financial Accounting and Group Underwriting

CEB Employee Benefits - Basic

CEB Employee Benefits - Advanced